Bad Habits That Are Causing Back Pain

Bad Habits That Are Causing Back Pain

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The spine is one of the most complex joint in our body, it’s very important for our everyday activities and generally for our health. In todays way of living, back pain is very common and more than 80% of people have some sort of back pain. Mostly, we can deal with back pain with changing some of our everyday activities and habits. In this article we will show you most common habits that are causing back pain.

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Poor Posture Causing Back Pain

Poor Posture Back Pain

Having a good posture is one of the most important things for our back and neck health. Have you ever seen yoga coachers and their posture? They always stand so straight that it looks even weird a bit. This is the right way of posture everyone should have. However, our modern life (in 21st century) leads to more and more back pain since people aren’t so active as 100 years ago which is damaging our spine.

When you are sitting on a chair, it’s easy to bend your spine and sit like that, but this is not the right way. You should keep your back straight as much as possible. It can hurt in the beginning until your back muscles get stronger. Abs also helps keeping our posture good and our spine straight.

At first, you may not feel that poor posture will lead to back pain, but with time, your spine is getting more and more injured and bended, it could be so much that after certain amount of time, you won’t be able to straighten your back anymore.

Your Desk Job May Be Causing Back Pain

desk job back pain

As we mentioned in paragraph above, modern lives are leading to more and more back pain. The same is with jobs. 100-200 years ago people didn’t have so much desk jobs.

There is nothing worse for our spine than sitting in a chair for 8 or more hours. In one our article we wrote this: Human body is not “made” for sitting. Only standing straight and laying are positions that fits human spine.

To avoid damaging your spine at your desk job, ask your boss to get you a better chair if you don’t have one already, and more important than a chair is that after every 45-60 minutes you stand up and stretch your back a little bit (some minor exercises helps a lot)

Incorrect or Lack of Exercising

Exercising Causing Back Pain

When it comes to exercising, most of beginners thinks that they know how to exercise. I thought that too. It’s not only how much you can lift, how many reps can you make or something else. The most important thing is that you know the right way of exercising.

Most common mistakes people do when exercising is that they don’t keep their back straight. Sometimes it looks easier to workout if you bend your spine, but the bottom line is that it will damage your spine a lot and you will have back pain. If you are new to exercising, it is the best to have some fitness mentor who will tell you how to workout, when, and help you learn how to keep your body healthy while exercising.

When it comes to lack of exercising, you may think that it’s not so important to workout your back muscles. However, this is one of the most important things because back exercises helps you strengthen your whole body. This is somehow again connected to modern lives where we are sitting a lot, and exercising is some kind of “must do”. It could be at least walking with keeping your back straight, doing some home exercises may also help.

You can watch a video below to see which exercises for your back you can do at home, some of them even on your job to stretch a little bit. Remember, by working out, you keep your body and brain healthy!

>>> Watch It Directly On Youtube <<<

Lifting Things Up The Wrong Way

lifting back

You may think this is not important, or “how can I lift something the wrong way?” Well, the truth is totally different. When I was younger I was working in woods and lifting through the whole day was very hard to do. In the beginning I was doing everything incorrect since it was easier for me, at least I had feeling that it’s easier. After few days of working, I had back pain and it was so painful that I had to rest few days.

When I came back to work, elder ones showed me the right way. I was always just banding my spine and lifting up pretty heavy pieces of wood. To lift things up the right way from the ground, you have to crouch, and then, having your back straight lift things up with your legs, not with your back. Especially if it’s heavy.

Even if you are lifting your kid, pet, groceries, try to keep your back straight. If it looks the harder way, it’s just in the beginning while you get to that routine.

Watching TV Too Much

watching tv too much

Everybody likes to watch some good movie or series, however watching TV too long usually leads to some sort of back pain. It’s not because of TV, but because of way we sit while we watch TV. Mostly, it’s causing back pain. Also, we can put using your phones too much to this category because you keep it close to your eyes and mostly somewhere on your stomach so you need to bend your neck which is damaging your eyes, neck and back.

Of course, we won’t tell you not to watch TV, it’s impossible for most of us I think. But stretching a bit and maybe limit your daily time for TV or phone will help a lot. Go few paragraphs above and watch video about stretching exercises which will help you a lot and prevent back pain.

Having Low Quality Mattress Is Also Causing Back Pain

mattress sleep quality

In our article, Why Is Sleep So Important, we wrote a lot of important informations about sleep quality. One important factor is having a quality mattress and pillow. Our spine needs the best support possible while we are sleeping. Sleeping helps our body rest and acquire energy for upcoming day and our activities.

Try to remember some old mattresses, you would wake up more tired than you fell asleep. It’s because they are not quality and they are causing back pain to your body.

You have probably seen a lot of commercials about mattresses and how important they are. And gues what? They ARE! It’s not only marketing trick. Try to get yourself the best mattress you could afford. They can be very expensive, but don’t worry, you can always get some quality one for affordable price. On sites like Amazon you can find a lot of different mattresses for a good price, and which is great thing, you can see other ratings and reviews for a particular mattress or pillow.

In the last few years, factories improved mattresses a lot, so most of the quality ones are made of memory foam, not from springs anymore. Below you can find some top quality ones for affordable price:

Final Words

We tried to explain this article in laic way so everybody can understand the importance of keeping your back healthy and prevent habits that are causing back pain. Try to implement some of those things in your life and move out the bad habbits. Of course, it’s not easy to take more pauses on your job to stretch a bit, but try to take at least 2-3 minutes. Your boss won’t tell you anything, don’t worry.

All these informations that we gave you are pretty easy to implement in your daily routine. It’s especially easy withvideo about stretching your back to release pain and prevent it. So, we wish you luck with your back pain and prevention for it. Stay healthy 🙂

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  1. Anthony Hu

    Thank you for your post. It is a very useful article for me. I have low back pain for a while now. I don’t pay attention to my my habits. Your article give me some clues that may contribute my back pain. I work on my online business and sit in the front of my computer for hours without movement. Besides working, the only thing I enjoy is the watching TV and I watch TV too much. My mattress is very old and I can not remember when we bought it.

    Now, I have the clues on my backpain. I am going to crack it one by one, change my working habit, watch less TV, and buy a new mattress.

    It is kind of you reminding us the causes of back pain.

    1. Petar Dz.

      Hello Anthony,

      Thanks for your comment, well, I think that most of us already knew those bad habits, but we don’t pay attention to them until something hurt us.. Wish you luck with changing your habits and relieving back pain 🙂 If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you.

  2. Henderson

    Very good post here. I might be guilty of some of the things you’ve written here. For example, I work behind my desk and sit almost the whole day, when done , I come home to start another job where I sit through. This might be the reason for my regular back pain coupled with the fact that I hardly take exercise routines. Maybe that’s the reason I have bad posture now. I’ll try to make sure to work on my self. My spine is really important and I don’t want to end up on a wheelchair because I didn’t take heed to simple things. Thanks alot.

    1. Petar Dz.

      Hi Henderson,

      yes, mostly we don’t care until something happens. You should at least stretch on your job or after it, it’s 5 mins of work which will help a lot. However, getting some massager is never a bad idea,  you can check our review here on Renpho Hand Held Massager .

      Wish you luck and stay active, our health is the most important thing, if there is no health, we can’t accomplish anything else.. 



  3. Scott Hinkle

    Thank you for this great post.

    Sadly, I check a few boxes on your list.  I have a sit-down job but I have installed a sit/stand desk so I’m working on that.  I don’t exercise at all.  I’ve done a lot of improper lifting in my life too.

    I do have to say that the watching TV and bed factors don’t really apply to me as I watch very little television and I have a Sleep Number bed that I simply love.

    I think I’ll start to work on the whole exercise thing and try to stand more than I sit for work.

    Thanks again,


    1. Petar Dz.

      Hi Scott,

      very often, people say that they don’t have time for exercising. Even 15 minutes of exercising means a lot, especially if you do some stretching for relieving your back pain and preventing any injuries. 

      On your desk job, it’s always important to stretch out, try to do it even for 30 seconds, you will feel much better after that..  I am glad to hear that you have quality mattress and that you don’t watch TV too much, now you have less “habits” to fix. 

      Stay Healthy,



  4. Daniel

    Hello Petar, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I think that my problem is definitely watching too much TV and sleeping on an old mattress. I usually wake up with the pain in my neck and back which sometimes make me go for a massage. I will definitely look on Amazon for quality mattress and pillow as I could not find something affordable so far.

    1. Petar Dz.

      Hello Daniel,

      thank you for your comment. Everybody likes to sit in couch and watch TV having a good night with girlfriend, family or friends.. But, it’s not good when we are doing it everyday, we need some limitations in our activities in order to stay healthy.

      Yes, I like to say, Mattres matters, to show everybody how important it is. I am sure that you will find some quality and cheap mattresses on since there are plenty of them. Just read some reviews before buying to ensure it’s a good one.



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