Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors 2019

Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors 2019

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In this article we are going to write about Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors for 2019. If you suffer from high blood pressure, it is important to track it everyday so that, if needed, you can react in time.

There are many devices for tracking blood pressure, but, same as with any product, there are good and bad ones. It’s important to buy a quality that is accurate and that will give you the best data. 

Quick Overview of Best Blood Pressure Monitors in 2019

Product Name Type View on Amazon
1. Omron 10 Series Wireless BP Monitor
Upper Arm
2. Etekticity Blood Pressure Monitor
Upper Arm
3. Omron BP742 5 Series
Upper Arm
4. Feifuns Automatic Blood Pressure
Upper Arm
5. Annsky Blood Pressure Monitor
Upper Arm
6. Asrisuk Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
7. First Step For Welness BP Monitor
8. Hylogy Wrist BP Monitor
9. Omron 73BP629EA 3 Series
10. Kiloid Wrist Digital Blood Pressure
11. Foonee BP Monitor

TOP CHOICE: Omron 10 Series Wireless BP Monitor

omron 10 series review
Omron 10 Series Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
Our Rating:

High Quality and Accurate

Omron are known as high-quality, accurate and reasonable price devices. Among the world, a lot of doctors will recommend you this brand for health devices.

It has good user manual and is very easy to use. You will be able to track your BP easily and store your readings for later if needed. There is also platinum version option if you want even better BP Monitor.

Through Omron application, you can send your readings by e-mail to your doctor.

In package, you will get BP monitor, Wide-range cuff, 4 AA batteries and AC Adapter, Quick start guide and Instruction manual.

Also, you can add up to 3 years protection for only $6.99. 

  • Track up to 200 readings, 2 users (100 every)
  • Smartphone application for unlimited readings
  • It makes 3 readings then calculates the average to get the most accurate result
  • Monitor has Irregular Heart Beat Detector and BP Risk Category Indicator
  • Large digit display for easy reading
  • Upper arm cuff size fits almost to everyone (9-17 inches)
  • You need to strictly follow instructions to avoid inaccurate readings
  • Price is reasonable for this quality, but it's still more expensive than other BP Monitors

Etekticity Blood Pressure Monitor

etekticity blood pressure monitor review
Etekticity Blood Pressure Monitor

Etekticity is another very great upper arm home blood pressure monitor. Using this device, you will easily read your BP and Heart Rate. With dimensions of: 5.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches ; 14.4 ounces it is easy to carry wherever you want. 

To get the most out of the device, manufacturers made a lot of features. You will get 180 readings in memory (2 persons, every 90), BP and Heart rate, Irregular Heartbeat monitor will warn you if needed. With adjustable arm cuff it’s easy to fit for everyone so you won’t have problems if you have bigger arms.

Colorful WHO (World Health Organization) indicator will visually show you the status of your blood pressure.

Audible Results are a great option for everyone who has problems with dioptry. After reading, blood pressure results are read very loud so you can hear it easily.

LED display makes sure that you see your results easily, without eye strain. Also, it is USB compatible with USB-C charger which is great because even if you forgot your charger, wherever you come, somebody will have it.

Etekticity manufacturers were also taking care of device security during transportation. In package, you will get a bag where you can put USB cable, blood pressure monitor and cuff. 

Customer support nowadays is very important. Etekticity can stand out with their support, they are excellent and can answer to all of your questions related to this monitor. Buying this monitor, you get lifetime customer support and 1 year Buyer’s assurance.

Omron BP742 5 Series

Omron 5 series blood pressure review
Omron BP742 5 Series Package

Another upper arm OMRON BP Monitor to consider buying. 5 series are older than the newer and best one 10 series, but it’s still very quality and accurate device. 

We have put this one to list because it’s cheaper than 10 series and still, it will do accurate readings. However, it does not have so many options as 10 series like wireless, tracking so many readings, omron android and iOS application. 

But, if you need reliable upper arm BP monitor this one will server you very well. 

Same as with 10 series, you can add extra warranty of 3 years for $6.99 only which is great if you want to ensure that you will use it longer even if it breaks down. 

Feifuns Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

feifuns upper arm blood pressure monitor review

Feifuns Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is an accurate and reliable upper arm BP Monitor with which you can easily read your heart rate and blood pressure. 

It is fully automatic, has a large LCD display, professional design, it’s doctor recommended, accurate reading and two user modes for you and your family or partner. 

Along with heart rate, you will get systolic and diastolic blood pressure like most of the BP monitors. 

It has 90 readings memory per user. Stored data includes blood pressure, heart rate, date and time of measurement.

Manufacturers have 10 years experience in health devices and are giving you 1 year warranty on their quality device. 

Annsky Blood Pressure Monitor

annsky blood pressure monitor review

Annsky is very affordable home BP monitor which has quality and accurate when it comes to measurements. 

It’s very easy to use: Wrap the cuff around your upper arm, assume proper sitting position, get your Systolic, Diastolic blood pressure and Pulse results with one touch of the button. 

However, it is important to read guidelines to do reading on a proper way and get most accurate data. So, following guidelines, You will not have any problems to get accurate results.

Device has option for dual users. Every user can save up to 99 measurements to track their health condition (heart rate and blood pressure). 

Inside the package you will get: BP Monitor, Cuff, 4 x AA batteries and Instruction manual. Also, you get 1 year warranty for this device. (Extendable to 3 years for $2.99 only)


We have to mention that inside package You do not get AC adapter or USB cable for charging. You will have to replace batteries once they are empty.

wrist blood pressure monitors

We have divided BP monitors in two groups. First group are Upper Arm monitors which you could see above. They usually give better experience and more accurate results, but it’s a bit harder to use them. 

Second group are wrist monitors. Below, you can find the most accurate, quality and reliable wrist BP Monitors out there.

Asrisuk Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

asrisuk best blood pressure monitors 2019

Asrisuk wrist blood pressure monitor is FDA approved device which give insights in your heart and blood health. Since You use it on your wrist, it is very easy to make reading of Your systolic, diastolic pressure and heart rate.

This BP monitor is pretty small and it is portable which is important for everyone who suffers from high blood pressure – You can take it everywhere and track your health.

With the large digital LCD screen, it is easy to read all data. Also, if you have dioptry, there is a great Voice Broadcast option that will read your measurements loudly. 

Also, cuff size is great because it fits almost everyone. The cuff can comfortably fit wrist sizes from 5.3 inches to 8.5 inches.

For power, it uses 2x AAA batteries which you get included in package. However, there is no charger available for this device, so, replace batteries when they get empty.

First Step For Welness BP Monitor

The First Step For Wellness BP Monitor is device used on your wrist. It will read your heart rate and blood pressure very accurate if You use it by given directions.

Price for this device is very affordable and everyone who wants good device for small amount of money should consider buying this one. On Amazon, it has good reviews regarding its accurate, quality and speed.

120 readings memory will be enough for everyone to track their health. Memory is divided for 2 persons, so every person have 60 memories. It is enough for you to track it 2 times per day – for a month.

Wrist cuff is adjustable – it will fit adults as much as children.

Great thing about this device is that it comes with 2 year warranty – which is great, not a lot of manufacturers offer this to customers. As with every device, you can extend warranty for up to 3 years.

2x AAA batteries are included in packae, so you can use it straight out of the box.

Hylogy Wrist BP Monitor

Hylogy Wrist BP Monitor is one another great device You should consider buying.

At the moment of writing this article, it has more than 250 reviews on Amazon with an average grade of 4.1. (This data changes on a daily basis) 

Manufacturers say that Pressure Accuracy is: ±3mmHg, which we consider as a great result. It’s almost as professional ones in hospitals. Together with heart rate and blood pressure, it has Irregular Heartbeat Indicator which will warn you if you have anomalies with heartbeat.

It is very easy to operate and measure your heart rate and blood pressure. Since it’s small, it’s great for home use and for travelling – You can use it whenever and wherever you want.

Large LCD screen will ensure that you see results clearly, even with visual impairment. Also, it has double user mode – it can track details from 2 persons (120 readings in total).

Automatic Power-Off will ensure that your batteries will last longer. Sometimes it happens that we forgot to turn off devices, this one will turn off by itself. It’s powered by 2x AAA Batteries.

Professional customer service and 2 year warranty is what we like very much and it’s important for buyers like you! 

Package includes: BP Monitor, 2x AAA Batteries, 1x Plastic Case, 1x Instruction Manual

Click the button below and check prices on Amazon, when we look at accuracy and quality, it’s very affordable comparing to some other similar devices.

Omron 73BP629EA 3 Series

We may look like sponsors of Omron, here we are with 3rd omron device. But no, we just want to give you the best ones, and Omron is in every category. So, on this one we won’t be long. 

Omron is as usually a bit more expensive than the other devices, but it’s very reliable, accurate and quality monitor.

As on every monitor, manufacturer say that its #1 Doctor Recommended Blood Pressure Monitor. 

Since it’s wrist monitor, it will be very easy to use and You can take with yourself wherever you go. 

Con of this product is because you can not add extra warranty as with most of the others.

However, if you decide for this one, you will not regret. For more information, click the button below.

Low Budget Blood Pressure Monitors

This is going to be our last category. We tried to find the best budget blood pressure monitors, and we found them for You. If you don’t want to spend $30, $40, or $50+ on BP Monitor, we have good news for you. We managed to find two very good monitors that are cheap and will give you accurate results! 

Below you can read which ones deserve to be on our Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors 2019.

Kiloid Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

This affordable wrist BP monitor is great option for you if you need cheap and reliable device. It has great price and great reviews on Amazon which you can see clicking the link below.

It does not have Irregular Heartbeat Indicator, but the most important ones – heart pulse and blood pressure are here. Also, it has memory of 99 measurements.

It has solid LCD screen on which you can easily read data. However, it’s not as good as on the more expensive ones, but you will see everything without any problem.

Con: You do not get batteries included, so prepare and buy them before the article arrives.

Foonee Blood Pressure Monitor

Yet another one with good reviews and reliability for that price. This one offers you a bit more features than Kiloid BP Monitor.

  • Clear voice broadcast
  • Blood Pressure Classification
  • Over pressure protection
  • Intelligence Precision Measurement

The monitor is small so you can take it everywhere and measure your blood pressure and heart rate. Also, it is FDA approved, so, there is no fear of using it.

It can store 99 groups of measurements for 2 users. HD big screen will ensure that You see results even if you are older and wear glasses 🙂

For more information, click the button below

Blood Pressure Monitor Buying Guide

High blood pressure is also known as silent killer. It is important to treat it from the moment you realize that you suffer from it. In our article What To Eat After Surgery you can find information about healthy food after surgery, but the good thing is – you can use most of it to treat your high blood pressure.

In the tabs below, read information and find out what you need to know before buying a good BP Monitor.

There are two types of home monitors: Arm and Wrist monitors. 

Arm Monitors:

These monitors automatically inflate the cuff and display readings. They must have risk category indicators which will warn You for high readings. Some better models have option to download data to a smartphone or computer and make it easier to bring data to your doctor.

  • In heart rate and blood pressure, arm monitors tend to be more accurate than the wrist ones
  • They usually can measure more things
  • They tend to be more expensive than wrist ones
  • Following instructions is essentials if you want to get accurate results, if you don’t fit cuff well, you will get wrong results

Wrist Monitors:

These kind of monitors are easier to use, but usually, they are less accurate.

  • Mostly, they are cheaper – more affordable
  • They’re compact and lightweight which means that it’s easier to carry them wherever you want
  • Usually, they are more comfortable than the arm ones
  • They don’t give you so much measurements as arm ones
  • Usually, they don’t have much memory to save readings
  • Sensitive to body position, your wrist should be positioned heart level for accurate results. Both wrist and arms monitors should be in heart level but it’s harder to fit wrist monitor to that position

Buying the best BP Monitor can be difficulty to some of You. Following our guidelines will make it easier. There are various factors that you should consider, for the best choice, follow these guidelines:

 Consider The Price

There are pretty cheap and much more expensive monitors. Decide how much money you are willing to spend for your BP Monitors. Prices are going from as low as $12 to almost $100. Mostly, “You get what you paid for” is true, but there are cheap ones that are quality and will server you well.

Cuff Size

It is important to find out what is cuff size. Not all cuffs fits to everyone. Measure your upper arm or wrist to be sure which one fits you. Usually, wrist monitors will fit to most people.

Ease of Use

If you are a non technology type of person, it’s important to buy monitor that is easy for use. However, easy to use monitors usually don’t have too many features. 

Features You Need

If you need to bring your measurements to doctor, consider that when buying – there are monitors that have phone applications or cards so you can store data on PC. Also, there are monitors that have irregular heart beat detector, multiple users, multiple cuffs, risk category indicators, audio broadcasts, average measurements, wireless or Bluetooth connectivity, colorful display etc. Think about what exactly you need before buying.

How To Measure Blood Pressure

Measuring blood pressure in correct way is very important to get the most accurate results. Click on the link below and find out how to measure blood pressure.

Checking Your Blood Pressure at Home

We've Come To The End Of Article

Finally, you have reached the end of our article. We hope that You have found all the information You were looking for. We put articles that we believe will give You the best experience. Now, it’s up to You which one You will choose. 

Stay healthy and track your blood pressure consistently.

If you have any questions regarding this article or any other on our site, feel free to comment below or reach us through mail:

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    1. Hello Mr. Gregory,

      we are glad that you commented. Yes, usually they make it bigger and they try to make device that fits to everyone. However, a lot of devices doesn’t fit to everyone. That is why we covered all areas from smaller to bigger cuffs and devices. Also, as wrist monitors tend to be less accurate but they fit to more people – it is more likely that you will consider of buying them. But one tip: they can be very accurate but you need to use them in a proper way – keep your hand in the level of your heart and be calm and steady.. Don’t smoke or drink coffee 30 minutes before measuring blood pressure – and you get pretty accurate results. If you really want the most accurate results, we again recommend our top choice OMRON 10 Series.

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  2. Good choices all around. Good storage for many of these and most offer reasonable warranties. For those with high blood pressure looking for decent to exceptional products, depending on the budget, this list provides a great reference. Many options as well, so if one’s looking to go for the upper arm or wrist, there are options which would be much appreciated.