Don’t Do This: Surgery Recovery Mistakes

Don’t Do This: Surgery Recovery Mistakes

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Recovery from surgery is a very important post-operative period where you need to be very careful with your wounds and operated area. Today, we are going to talk about surgery recovery mistakes that can slow down your recovery time and maybe even injure your wound again.

As we always say, the most important thing is to listen to your doctor/surgeon because they know exactly what you should or shall not do. Let’s see the list of some things you shall not do after your surgery or until your doctor says that you can.

In our Surgeries Rehab Category, you can find informations about recovering from various surgeries (shoulder, heart, knee, hip etc.)

1. Getting Active Too Quickly

Knee Rehab Exercises

After surgery, your body needs rest to heal. It is important to rest as directed from your doctor, of course, time you should rest and do nothing depends on your body and your surgery type.

We know that you want to check as soon as possible if everything is alright, but sometimes, this can be very big mistake. Also, this is one of the most made mistakes people are doing. For instance, after shoulder surgery, for at least 3 weeks you shall not do any movements with your hand, even if you are interesting – don’t. It can lead to slower recovery, or in finish line, injury.

Listen to your doctor carefully and do or don’t do just what he/she told you. When the time comes, you will start exercising or doing some movements with your doctor or physical therapist.

2. Just Laying In Bed

sleeping position

Doing too much is not good for your wound as we told you in the paragraph above. However, staying in bed and doing nothing is not a solution. As soon as you are able to move, move. It’s important to get you mobile. Of course, stick to your doctor advises.

Some physical activity is great for your body healing after surgery. If you are not able to make movements with your hand, that does not mean that you can’t walk. Don’t let your muscles atrophy.

3. Driving a Car Too Early

drive a car after surgery

We all want to be independent and not asking for help all the time. Your doctor will tell you when it’s safe for you to drive a car, it can be 2 weeks, but it can be for 2 months. Always obey your doctor’s advises.

Your reaction time may be slower due to medics you are using, or just because of your surgery. Get rides from your friends or family if needed. You don’t want to hurt yourself or somebody else in traffic.

4. Avoiding of Medics

Pain Medicine

It’s important to take your meds as prescribed by a doctor. You may hear that pain medic is not healthy for our body, which can be true, but after the surgery, it’s important to use them. Pain may interfere with your sleep, appetite etc. This can extend your healing time. It’s great to get off the medicine, but not until your body is ready to heal without meds.

5. Not Taking Enough Food And Drinks

importance of water

Food helps your body to heal by giving it nutrients needed for recovery. You may not feel hungry at all, but it’s important to eat regularly.

Fluid keeps your body hydrated, be sure to drink enough water every day. If your body don’t get enough food or drinks during day, it may cause recovery slowdown.

6. Skipping Exercises With Your Physical Therapist

Shoulder Pulley Rehab

Sometimes we may feel that we don’t need our physical therapist, it can be because lack of time or just our thinking that we can exercise alone. Yes, there are many tutorials and exercises you can find online, especially here on our site, but it’s important that you go to your physical therapist as scheduled and exercises with him/her.

Of course that you can improve your recovery time by exercising yourself at home, but without speaking to therapist, you may do something wrong. Your home workouts are very important when it comes to surgery recovery, but don’t do some mistakes.


We mentioned you some most common surgery recovery mistakes. Try to avoid these and we hope that your healing will improve very much. We wish you luck with your recovery, and remember – Always speak to your doctor and take advises from them.

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