Recovery From Surgery Informations

Recovery From Surgery Informations

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Surgery Rehab

Recovering from surgery is greatly dependent upon the type of surgery had/will be having. The length of time you will require for a complete recovery after surgery is difficult for anyone to predict. It is truly an educated guess for medical professionals, as there is always the potential for complications and every person heals differently.

You may know someone who had some surgery as you, but your recovery will often have different timelines, and the final outcome can be totally different. Surgery recovery time is individual to every person. Someone can have quick rehabilitation, and some not of course.

The Outcome of Operation

One of the first things you shall do is to ask your surgeon did surgical operation went well. You want to know as many information as possible so you can know how to prepare to everything. You can ask doctor some following questions

  • Was surgery as successful as expected?
  • What effects has the operation had on my condition?
  • How will I expect to feel when I get home?
  • How long will it be before I am back to condition I was before surgery?

Surgery Recovery Time

Surgery Recovery Time

When someone is having surgery, the most common question they ask is: “When will I recovery from surgery?”. Every surgery has different recovery time. As I said before, every person also has different recovery time. Some general recovery times are lasting between 2 weeks and 6 months. Again, that is only in general.

Your surgeon can give you the best opinion how long will rehab treatment last. He will know the best because of more factors: your age, your condition, the specifics of your procedure and other factors that could impact your recovery. For example, only age can be dramatically important when we are talking about surgery recovery time.

My advice for you is not to worry too much about recovery time. It can last 2 weeks or 5 months, never mind. You only need to be prepared and aware of your injuries and of course, listen to your doctor. They know the best. Take your time and easily recover, nothing is happening during the night. You don’t want to do something wrong because you wanted a quicker rehab. Some things will come by themselves because body needs time to rest and to heal.

Home Treatment After Surgery

Surgery Home Treatment

Before you leave hospital, you may (depending on the type of operation you had) have an appointment with a physiotherapist. They’ll be able to advise you about any exercises you need to carry out. You will also be given a lot of advises on how to care for your wound, any equipment you may require for rehab, such as dressings, bandages, crutches, splints, and maybe dose of painkillers such as Advil.

Usually, you won’t be able to drive yourself to home. Ask some of your family and friends, if that is not possible, take a cab, Uber, Lyft, whatever suits you the best. It is important to watch out for your wounds which are recent. Also, if you need to buy some immobilizers – buy them as soon as possible, just on the way to your home. When you finally come home, take your time and rest.

For some time at home, you will probably just need to rest and do nothing except watching for your wounds. Your doctor will tell you how much time it will take. After that time passes and everything is all right, depends on your surgical operation type, you will start doing some training or treatment that are important for your recovery.

Treatments can be anything from visiting physiotherapist and doing some exercises which will improve your rehabilitation (or other specialists depending on your surgery type), using some medics to treat your wounds well, buying special equipment for your kind of recovery and working with it etc.

I will not go too broad with this theme because I just want to show you how it looks after the surgery. In my other articles, I will concentrate on recovery from different types of surgeries and different body parts as: shoulder surgery, knee surgery, back surgery etc.

Call Surgean   When to Call  Your Surgeon?        

When you are recovering at home, it is important that you know and understand when to notify your surgeon about some signs of complications after surgery. The following signs are warnings that something might complicate with your treatment after surgery:

  • Pain that increases
  • Fever over 100 degrees
  • Wound drainage problems; bleeding etc.
  • Constipation
  • Leg pain in one or both legs
  • Untolerance to food and drinks

And of course, whenever you think that something is not going in good direction, feel free to call a doctor and ask. It is in your interest and their that recovery goes well.

Mistakes That Slow Your Recovery   Rehab Mistakes After Surgery

I know that all of you want to recovery as soon as possible. But, as I said before, it needs and it will take time to fully recover. So, I am bringing you some mistakes that can slow your rehab very much:

Stay in Bed

Do not be afraid to move around if you are able to. As soon as you can go out of bed, go. One of the biggest people mistake is that they are too afraid or scared about it. One of the most important things after surgical operation is to get mobile.

Doing Too Much Before Time

It can be a big problem if you get active too quickly. Body needs some time to rest and let it be like that. If you can walk, do not think you will be able to run tomorrow. Rehab should not be too quick if you want the best results. Again, listen to doctors, if they told you to lift no more than 10lbs, do not try 20lbs before contacting doctor.

Skip Rehab

Do not skip your rehab if you feel better. It is important to work with a physical therapist. Rehab does not only mean to recover from surgery, it also means to strengthen your body (muscles etc.) so the same think does not happen again.


Driving before you are completely ready for it can be a very big problem. We all think that we can handle all kinds of situations, but in a condition that you are after surgery, you can not. It can be very dangerous for you and for the others in traffic because of your reaction time.

Go to Job Too Early

Always ask a doctor when it would be a good time to return to your job. Job can be stressful for brain and for body also, which you don’t want after a surgery. Again, the most important think is to recover from surgery 100%. Let your body heal itself.


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