How To Reduce High Blood Pressure at Home

How To Reduce High Blood Pressure at Home

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Many of you were interested and asked us how to reduce high blood pressure at home. Today, we decided to give you all the important information and help you and other people who don’t know the ways of reducing hypertension.

What Is High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension (medical phrase) is a condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated.

Blood Pressure Table

Below you can see the blood pressure categories, from low to critical blood pressure.

blood pressure table

Hypertension Symptoms

There are many symptoms that indicate high blood pressure. Some of them are easy to recognize, and some not. Check if you have some of those symptoms, if you do, check your blood pressure and heart rate as soon as possible.

  • Occipital headache
  • Unconsciousness
  • Tinnitus
  • Instability in walking
  • Chest pain
  • Lack of oxygen
  • A feeling of rapid or irregular heartbeat

The Health Risks of High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is also known as “Silent Killer”. High blood pressure, if non regulated, by time, can cause various diseases and injuries to our body.

  • Heart attack or stroke
  • Aneurysm
  • Heart failures
  • Kidney problems
  • Eye problems
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Problems with brain memory
  • Dementia

Checking Blood Pressure at Home

Today, with so many easy-to-use devices, it’s not a problem to measure your blood pressure at home. For that, you are going to need quality blood pressure monitor. Check our article Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors and find the best quality and accurate monitors for home use. 

best home blood pressure monitors 2019There are two main things you need to check when measuring your blood pressure. Systolic pressure and Diastolic pressure. 

Systolic pressure is showing blood pressure in mmHG during the contraction of your heart muscle.

Diastolic pressure shows pressure in mmHG between your heart beats.

To make accurate reading of your blood pressure, follow next advises:

  1. Be calm
  2. Avoid drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes 30 minutes before reading
  3. While reading, keep your hand in heart level
  4. Follow instruction manuals of your blood pressure monitor
  5. Repeat reading few hours after to confirm your blood pressure measurements

Reducing High Blood Pressure at Home

They are many ways to manage your hypertension at home. Follow the advises below and you shall see changes in your blood pressure.

Be Active and Sleep Well

When exercising, your heart and breathing rates are increasing. By regularly increasing those rates, heart and lungs are strengthening. When your heart is strong, it needs less energy to pump, it pumps more blood with one beat, so you will have lower heart rate. This will also put less pressure on your arteries and your blood pressure will be lower.

Try to workout on daily basis, it would be great if you can train some sport or do full training in the gym to force your body and strengthen your heart even more. Cardio exercises are the best for strengthening your heart. Cardio exercises you can do are: running, walking, climbing stairs, riding a bike, gardening etc.

Sleeping is also very important when it comes to lowering high blood pressure. Read our article Why Is Sleep So Important for more information.

Eat Less Salty Food

eat less salt

Many researches confirmed that increased intake of sodium leads to higher blood pressure. Recommended sodium intake is between 1,500mg and 2,300mg per day. That’s around one teaspoon of table salt.

Processed food tend to have a lot of salt inside, so stay away of it. Also, food like chips, dried meat also have big amounts of salt.

Sometimes it’s hard to eat unsalted food, but instead of adding salt to your salads and other food, try mixing various spices to get a better taste.

Drink Less Alcohol

dont drink too much alcohol

If you have habit of drinking more alcoholic beverages, change it. Alcohol is known as drink which will higher your blood pressure. Every 10 grams of alcohol consumed increases your blood pressure by 1mmHG. Standard alcoholic drink has around 14grams of alcohol. So, it’s easy to see possible results of overdosing with alcohol.

Recommended doses of alcohol are 1 alcoholic drink for women and 2 alcoholic drinks for men.

Stop Smoking

avoid smoking cigarettes

When you smoke a cigarette, your blood pressure is temporary increasing. By smoking a lot of cigarettes through a day, your blood pressure can stay elevated for a longer period.

People who are smokers and suffer from high blood pressure, are at greater risk of getting stroke or heart attack. Even if you are second-hand smoker, you shall avoid being in closed rooms with many cigarettes smoke in air.

Don’t Drink Too Much Coffee

dont drink too much coffee

Caffeine is the main ingredient of coffee. Unfortunately, caffeine significantly increases blood pressure. Have you ever had 3-4 coffees in a short time period? I did, and my hands were shaking like never before, also, my blood pressure was sky-high.

Avoid too many instant coffees, better option is to drink one Turkish coffee in the morning together with your breakfast. With that one coffee, you will fulfill your daily needs for caffeine.

If You Are Overweight, Reduce It

lose weight

Over weighted people tend to have higher blood pressure. It’s because their hart needs to beat faster, so blood pressure is increasing. Extra fat around your waist may lead to too much fat in your blood and other organs, and that causes higher blood pressure.

Click here and use BMI calculator to see if you are overweight.

Relief Stress

lack of sleep

Stress is a great factor that is increasing blood pressure. Every person is different, so, many things such as going to a doctor or going to exam can lead to stress.

Try to relieve your stress as much as possible, hang out with your friends, go outside, take a walk, exercise, talk with someone about your problems – all of these activities will lead to less stress = lower blood pressure.

Follow DASH Diet

DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Eating quality food is the most important thing when it comes to lowering your blood pressure.

To see DASH diet eating plan and other information, CLICK HERE.

Reduce Blood Pressure by Massaging Yourself

Massaging calms the body, breathing and reduces heart rate which is very important when it comes to lowering blood pressure. In addition, massage increases blood flow through the muscles.

Chinese medicine recommends two types of massage for treating high blood pressure.

  1. Choose a position anywhere on the line between the earlobe and the middle of the collarbone and rub it slowly. Massage the right and left sides alternately, first go ten times one at a time and ten at a time.
  2. Second massaging point is 0.2 Inches away from the ear, in the direction of the nose. This point you should press hard, but, without feeling pain. Keep the pressure on one point and rotate it gently clockwise or counterclockwise, but do not loosen it completely. Do this until you feel better.

Food That Will Reduce High Blood Pressure Quickly

For lowering your blood pressure, you need to change a lot of habits mentioned in the text above. It’s like changing a lifestyle. But, what if you want to reduce blood pressure quickly?

There are some foods that can help you lower your blood pressure very quick – in no time. 


reduce high blood pressure garlic

For quick pressure reduction efficiency, it is recommended to eat three crushed garlic cloves.

Freshly crushed garlic promotes the formation of acylin, an antibacterial compound that will have a beneficial effect on hypertension.


cinnamon blood pressure

Cinnamon will also help reduce the pressure. Its odor alone affects the control of the pressure, and if you knock down half a teaspoon of its powder and then drink a glass of water, the high pressure should decrease rapidly. Regular consumption of cinnamon, in a drink or as a spice, will in the long run affect the pressure and keep it normal.


almonds blood pressure

Regular consumption of almonds and other nuts will also make you feel better. Almonds reduce cholesterol in blood vessels and relieve their inflammation.
Only a handful of almonds a day will keep the pressure normal, but also quickly lower too high.

Cayenne Pepper

reduce high blood pressure at home

Hot pepper, mixed with warm water and honey, is the fastest way to reduce hypertension because it instantly dilates blood vessels, reducing pressure and promoting better blood flow. This may be the best solution you can apply if you begin to feel the negative effects of hypertension.


As you could see, treating hypertension is not a big deal. Mostly, you will only have to change some of your daily habits. However, if you suffer from high blood pressure for a long time, together with healthy habits mentioned above, you will have to visit doctor and potentially get some medics for treating hypertension. 

We hope that we have successfully answered to your question how to reduce high blood pressure at home. We have written many tips, and, by implementing just few of them, you will see better results when you check your blood pressure again. 

Disclaimer: All content, material and information given in this article is for informative purposes only. For professional diagnosis, medical treatment and consultation, visit qualified physician or personal doctor.

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