The Best Healthy Habits For Your Daily Routine

The Best Healthy Habits For Your Daily Routine

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Everyone wants to live healthy. But when it comes to changing our bad habits, that’s the point where most people stop. It is not easy to live 100% healthy, it’s almost impossible in 21st century. But, since we want for all of you to be healthy, we are bringing you the best healthy habits that you can easily implement in your daily routine.

#1 Eating Healthily

The most important thing for our health is eating healthy foods. Without sticking this one to your daily routine, you can easily get sick and your body may become a great area for bacteria and viruses. 

Always Eat Breakfast

always eat breakfast

Breakfast is our most important meal, you shall never miss it. Breakfast is giving you energy that you need to do various things such as your job, working out, focusing and much more. Also, breakfast will help your body burn calories during the day. 

Just when you wake up, your body needs sugar to make your muscles and brain work. A lot of studies have proven that eating breakfast will improve our memory and concentration and lower chances of getting heart diseases, diabetes, overweight, cholesterol etc.

Eat Fruits And Vegetables

eat fruits and vegetables

Try to implement fruits and vegetables in your daily diet plan. At least eat one apple per day, and, when having lunch and dinner, make sure that you have some salad to eat together with the rest of meal. 

Fruits and vegetables are full of various vitamins that our body needs to stay healthy and to fight off different threats to our body. 

Avoid Sugar And Fast Food

avoid fast food

By avoiding bad sugars, you will make sure that your blood will not get overfilled with sugar. We don’t want you to get diabetes because of eating unhealthy foods. Food like sweeties, bakery products (croissants etc.) are full of sugar which is unhealthy for our body, and we should avoid them. Of course, we won’t tell you not to eat them at all, but try to avoid them as much. You always have natural alternative, which is healthy, such as banana. 

We don’t need to talk a lot about fast food, you already know that this is the worst type of food you can eat. We all love hamburgers and fries, but at least, don’t get them in McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King or other ones. Instead of that, go to the butchery, pick a quality piece of meat and make burgers by yourself. There are many healthy recipes online for making healthy but delicious food. 

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Don’t Eat Too Late

Try to eat your dinner at least 3 hours before going to sleep. When you eat and immediately go to sleep, your body will not rest. Instead of resting and preparing for the upcoming day, your body will process food that you have eaten. That way, you will wake up tired in the morning. Also, eating lately is bad because you will not burn that calories and easily, you will gain weight – which is not good. 

TIP: If you really like to eat late, after your meal, do some kind of workout, at least walk for 20-30 minutes.

#2 Drink Plenty Of Water

drink plenty of water

Never let your body to dehydrate. You can to this either by drinking some juices or by drinking water. Between those two, always choose water. Water is one of the main components of our body, and without water, our body can’t stay healthy and won’t be able to function. 

Juices (except the natural ones from fruit and vegetables) are full of unhealthy sugars which will dehydrate your body even more. So, drink at least 2 liters of water every day to keep your body hydrated. 

Also, try not to drink more than one coffee a day. Coffee is also dehydrating our body which means that you will need to drink even more water. Further, overdosing with caffeine can be harmful to your heart and blood pressure.

#3 Do Some Exercises

Exercising is very important and it helps to make our muscles stronger, and also, it will help to increase our brain functions. Further, by doing exercises, you are relieving stress which is very important for your brain and heart. 

Walk or Run

Try to walk every day. There are thousands of electronic devices that can track your daily steps. You can use your mobile phone application, set a goal, and reach it every day. In general, try to walk at least 30 minutes daily. 

Running is much better than walking since you will burn more calories in the less time. Many people hate running, but it will help our body to stay healthy, so, think about it and start running 🙂

Go To The Gym

We all feel happy after good training in the gym. However, hard part is to force ourselves to go to the gym. Gym is great for strengthening your body and burning your calories. 1 hour of high tense training will improve your health a lot. Your muscles will become bigger and stronger and you will do daily tasks easier than before. 

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to rest after training. Our muscles are growing while resting from good quality training. If you don’t rest your body, it can lead to some injuries and to slower progress.

Train Some Sport

the best healthy habits

This is probably the easiest way you will force yourself to be active. Sports are very interesting because you will meet new people, share experiences, and training will become fun. You can go to some yoga classes, dance classes, train football, basketball.. Whatever, but it’s important to stay active and train your body.


#4 Get a Quality Sleep

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As we mentioned before, our muscles are growing while resting. It’s the same with the rest of body. Without quality rest, our brain won’t be effective and you may feel tired, less motivated and anxious. 

Every Day Sleep At Same Time

This is very important routine which a lot of people don’t take for real. By going to sleep at same time every day, our body will get consistency and great routine. It may take some time to adapt, but try this, you won’t regret it. 8 hours of sleeping is more than enough for your body to acquire energy for the upcoming day. To see why is sleeping so important, read our article HERE!

Get a Quality Mattress

Without having a quality mattress, you will not be able to sleep well and your body won’t gain energy needed. There are various types of mattresses such as memory foam, gel foam, hybrid, innerspring, latex and more, that will fit your body.  To make it easier for you, we’ve made the best mattresses article, which you can see by clicking the link below

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#5 Avoid Smoking Cigarettes

avoid smoking cigarettes

Smoking is not healthy at all. There aren’t some crucial benefits of smoking. Especially today when cigarettes are filled with tar and many other artificial ingredients. 1 of 5 deaths in USA is caused by smoking. 

Smoking is damaging your lungs, heart, veins, increases your blood pressure, causes cancers and much more. Think about it and if you smoke, try to stop as soon as possible.

#6 Don't Drink Too Much Alcohol

dont drink too much alcohol

Try to avoid drinking alcohol. Of course, going for a few beers won’t harm you, but by doing it too often, it can cause or body to become less resistant to some diseases. 

Instead of health problems alcohol can cause, it may cause social problems. By drinking too much alcoholic drinks, you may become irresponsible and do some things you wouldn’t if you were sober. 

Some alcoholic drinks such as beer or wine have some (even a lot) healthy benefits. But, to get the best out of alcoholic drinks, you shall not drink more than one glass of wine per day or 1-2 beers. It is important to have a boundary in everything you do, especially with drinking alcohol.


The best healthy habits article was not too long, but we have given you all the information you need to live healthy. Try to implement as much of our advises as possible, and trust us, in few days, you will notice big changes to your body, health and mood. 

In 21st century, it’s not easy to live healthy. We are surrounded by unhealthy food, drinks, air, medics and much more, but try to live as healthy as possible, you will be grateful when you become older. We wish you all long and healthy life!

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